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  • Apple Training · Web Design · Development Coaching

    For Organizations & Individuals

    With over 10 years of web design, development and digital communications experience, Chris Gooderham can help you at every stage of your website building journey.

    Chris’ passion is teaching you how to become your own webmaster, and helping you master your own workflows on the Mac. He’ll instruct you to perform your own company updates on a WordPress powered content management system (CMS). In addition to offering WordPress training and Mac tutoring, Chris can coach you through these critical web development puzzle pieces:

    • domain name registration & hosting services,
    • web design and graphic layout,
    • CMS install and configuration,
    • photo and graphics management,
    • newsletter services,
    • social media integration.
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Greetings: Chris Gooderham offers Peterborough Website Design, WordPress Instruction, and Apple Support. He is a self-proclaimed Urban Ecologist living with his family in a straw bale home.

Chris has been building and designing websites for over ten years, from modest static sites for small-budget businesses to large CMS WordPress powered web sites for government agencies and environmental not-for-profits. He is a member of WPMU and an affiliate developer with WooThemes. He offers hosting and domain name services, e-commerce solutions, shopping cart designs, and technical support and tutorials on WordPress databases and shopping cart management. He is an experienced Mac Tutor and Apple Certified Support Professional.

peterborough web development coach and dadHere is a change of voice. As a web developer/designer, I use this site to showcase my work and share web news and user tips with my clients. As an Apple Consultant, WordPress Coach and Mac tutor, I promote my services on Gooderham Productions. I’m also actively involved in my community as an urban ecologist, heritage landscape enthusiast, and promoter of smart urban design, so I communicate these interests here too.

Finally, as a Dad, husband, and handyman living in Peterborough’s first straw bale addition, I may have a few urges to share stories about these life journeys and milestones with friends and family. So stay a while and consume what you wish!

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